That Time Our Dogs Ate Mouse Poison

So, since we last (briefly) spoke, My Gazelle and I bought a new house!

However, the purchase of our dream home was slightly overshadowed by the fact that while we were at the title company signing our lives away, these two nerds...

Were back at our condo feasting on this...


Because apparently mouse bait is a veritable doggy delicacy.

Because apparently the dogs wanted us to spend an additional $325 on them, after spending our life savings on a house.

Because apparently the dogs wanted to ride in the car.

Because apparently I had nothing better to do that day besides come in to work for 10 minutes and leave again.

Since My Gazelle had no choice but to report to work for his shift, I was left to take the beasts to the animal hospital. I can't complain though--at least I'm never the one who has to bring them in for their regular checkup. You know...the one where you have to bring their "samples". Gross.

So, we waited in the exam room.

And Nikko panted.

Then he panted some more.

He does not like to go to the vet at all. We suspect that it has something to do with his sketchy animal shelter past, and all we do at this point is just feel thankful that he's improved since his "I'm going to need a muzzle so that I don't bite the vet today" days.

When all was said and done, Nikko and Maya were just fine. Luckily, the bait they had eaten was the type that causes a Vitamin K deficiency in the blood, which causes blood to not clot. The solution is to give them a Vitamin K supplement every day for a month, followed by a test at the vet to ensure that their blood is clotting normally again.

After the mouse poison debacle was over, I was then free to begin stripping wallpaper, sanding cabinets, and dealing with the fact that the A/C doesn't work in our new house! Party! Last night, I stopped painting (and sweating) for long enough to look out the window and find Nikko chomping on an unidentified object (I think I saw bones...) in the yard. Apparently, he was still not satisfied after 2 bricks of mouse poison!

We move this weekend. Clearly, this is going to be an adventure.


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