The Best Race Announcement Ever(!!!!!!!)

I am so impressed with everyone's comments yesterday on my post about hating Weight Watchers.  I have come to the conclusion that I'm going to hang it up with WW and keep it movin'.  I've already decided what direction I'll take going forward, but I'll save that for another post. Frankly, I have more exciting things to talk about.





Beautiful cities flanked with castles.




Did I mention castles?


As little girls, My Sista and I would listen to my father's hilarious stories about all of the trouble he got into while he was a US Marine stationed in Scotland.  The stories usually involved boozing, drunk driving, busted cars/teeth/appendages, and almost always ended with a funny punch line.  That's just how my Dad tells stories... as I say, not as I do...monotone...monotone...GUT-BUSTINGLY FUNNY!!!!

I've come to love his stories, and the fact that he loved his stay in Scotland was never lost on My Sista and I.  Since we were little, we've wanted to make a trip to the United Kingdom to visit Scotland.  Not only due to my Dad's funny stories, but also because we know that our heritage on my Dad's side is from Scotland.

Unfortunately, this isn't one of those trips that you can just take without proper planning.  After many, many years of talking about it, we've finally planned a trip to Scotland!

We'll be traveling in a large group with a bunch of family and friends, which makes this trip literally my dream come true.  To make this trip even more memorable, we'll be kicking off our arrival in Scotland with a run!  A few people (My Sista, My Gazelle, Mike and Rob) will be doing the Baxter's Loch Ness Marathon (yes, My Gazelle is running a MARATHON!).  Me and Wifey will be doing the Baxter's River Ness 10K (sadly, they don't have a 1/2 marathon event).

I seriously cannot even explain to you how excited I am about this trip.  No.words.

The thought of running a race in Scotland just gives me cold chills.  I have literally been reduced to tears on several occasions over this trip.  Such as when I booked the airfare.

I kid.

We'll be spending 6 days in Scotland (Inverness & Edinburgh), then some of us will be flying to Dublin for 2 nights, so that I can hopefully become acquainted with another of my many guilty pleasures.


Because really...don't people just walk around the streets of Dublin Riverdancing?  In my head they do.

Although the details of the trip are a little sketchy still, I'll keep you guys posted as they unfold!

Have any of you been to Scotland??

What is your dream vacation??


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