The Only Bugg I've Ever Liked

I'm not much of a fan of insects.  In fact, last night a tiny little spider descended from the ceiling directly in the path of my travels, and I sent the dog over to take care of it for me.

You'd never know he's a spider killer in disguise based on that bonnet.

However, when I was making decisions a couple of weeks ago about whether to stop using the Weight Watchers PointsPlus program, I started looking at other options.  Less "diet-y" options.  It was at that point that I came across the Body Bugg, and I made an exception on the "no bugs allowed" rule.

The Bodybugg is basically a gadget that you wear around every day, and it keeps track of the amount of calories that you burn.  In addition to wearing the gadget, you also log the foods that you eat each day online, and the gadget interfaces with the Bodybugg web program to determine whether you have burned more calories that day than you consumed.

If you want to know even more nerdy information, you can read about the science behind the gadget.

It's pretty cool, you guys.

Bodybugg doesn't sell their product direct, so I clicked through the Bodybugg website and bought mine from 24 Hour Fitness.  It arrived by UPS about 5 days after I ordered it.

Prior to ever wearing the Bugg, I went through a pretty elaborate setup process in the Bodybugg program, by way of a questionnaire about me, my lifestyle, my food preferences (Meat/No Meat/Lacto Vegan), my medical conditions, etc.  At the end of the program, it asked me what type of nutrient allowance I wanted for protein, fats, and carbohydrates.  I thought this was a nice feature, since everyone's body processes nutrients differently.

Since I know from past history that my body functions best at a 40%/30%/30%, but this option was not offered, I chose the 45%/35%/20% option.  I've only been using it now for a few days, but I'm feeling pretty happy about it.

The only problem that I ran into was that since I have a Mac, I needed to open the Bodybugg program using Safari instead of Firefox.  After reading the package (and emailing Bodybugg's tech support team), I realized that it was a simple fix and I was just using the wrong browser.

I'll keep you posted.  It's only been a few days, but I think this one might be a keeper!  I'll just try to keep the dog away from this Bugg.


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