Things I Learned During My Summer "Vacation", by Elisabeth

Since I have been absent from the blog for more days than I'd like to try to count, I feel like I should explain (in iPhone pictures, of course) the things I've learned during my little "vacation". It's important. Take notes.

1) It is my duty to take a picture when a dog runs away on my husband's watch.

2) It is also my duty to take a second picture, just in case the first one does not turn out.

3) Being a baby is extremely hard work, apparently.


4) If a boat tour is offered, always take it.

5) If a castle tour is offered, take it.

6) When touring a castle that is located on an island, make sure you know when the last boat leaves.

7) The journey is always worth the destination.

8 ) Don't be afraid to eat pizza at a restaurant with a wildlife scene featured on the placemat.


9) There are very few things in life that are more beautiful than the bond one has with their siblings children.

10) Always try on swim suits [and take pictures] before buying them.

11) I repeat. Always try on swim suits [and take pictures] before buying them.


12) When you think you've found "it", be sure to get a second opinion. Then get a third. Only then is it OK to buy it.

13) Stop to smell [and photograph] the peonies.


14) Stop for a moment and just enjoy the view.


So that's it for me!

What have YOU learned this summer?!


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