Tuesday Confession

I skipped the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile last Sunday.

I was supposed to be filling a Sugared Bakery order for a dozen mixed cupcakes (unfortunately, I realized as soon as I started baking that I had used my last 12-count cupcake container and forgot to order more. That's another confession in itself. Sorry CookTrainEatRace).

I was launching a charity.

It was my birthday.

Excuses, excuses, excuses!

Guess what?! I just didn't want to run it! I'm all raced out!

I have no more races scheduled during 2011, and it makes me want to jump for joy.

I've told you more than one time how much I'm kind of over the whole "running/jogging" thing. I've also told you that I'm going to be moving on to bigger, better, more exciting (for me) things. Now, I just need to make the whole "bigger, better, more exciting" part happen.

I'm tired.

I'm trying to keep it all together, but it's not working very well.

Send help. Or wine.


In case you missed it, yesterday was the official launch of the Blogging For A Change Rally For Japan. We're (me, Jen, Jasmine & Bella) raising money to donate to The American Red Cross for disaster relief in Japan. The response yesterday was tremendous, and I'm extremely proud to say that I'm part of such a rich community of bloggers. The way that everyone in the community pulls together is amazing.

If you haven't visited our Rally For Japan site, please do. Companies like Polar, Amy's, Bondi Band, Avon, and about 40 others have donated some amazing products for us to give away to you. Everyone gets one free entry for each item, and additional entries can be purchased for a small (or large) donation. Additional entries start at $2!


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