What a Pain in My Shin

Weeeeeeee! I have been working my butt off to meet a deadline at my big girl job, and I just finished! I always feel so relieved when I finish my "work work" projects. Now I can go on vacation next week with no stress of leaving work behind.

[insert sigh of relief]

I've been "running" according to schedule lately (with a few shifts and shimmies of the schedule here and there), and up until last week, I was mainly running on my treadmill...because really...when given the option of sweating outside in the sweltering heat or parking my treadmill in front of Real Houseswives of OC, I choose trash TV. My asthma was also really acting up, so running inside helped that.

In any case, I started wogging outside again last week, primarily doing Galloway 5:1's or 3:1's. Since I live in an area that is sort of 1/2 suburbia, 1/2 city, if I want to run more than 3 miles (or if I don't want to be consistently bored by the same route), I'm stuck running on sidewalks a good portion of the time.

On one of my runs last week, I started to notice my shins were killing me. I was stopping like every mile to stretch and rub and gripe to myself about my shins. I wouldn't call it full blown shin splints, but I was definitely on my way there. After my run, I put on my compression socks [still love!] and a bag of frozen Brussels sprouts, and everything was fine the next day.

At the beginning of this week, I had a major case of calf tightness, to the point that I was foam rolling my man calves at work [not recommended unless you're looking to date a coworker...lesson learned]. I headed out on last nights run fully planning on having a body meltdown around mile 3 or 4 because of how crazy tight my legs were.

I did about the first 2 miles of my run on an asphalt path that leads to one of the lakes nearby, then I switched to sidewalks for about 1 mile and ran to another lake, then I ran 3/4 of a mile on the asphalt path around the second lake.When I turned around to come home, I ran the same way home, but this time I ran on the street instead of on the sidewalks. This was safe because the road was relatively untraveled.

Here's what happened (in this exact order): running bliss, splinty-shin terror, running bliss.

The splinty-shin terror only occurred while I was running on sidewalks. I tried to find some sort of scientific reason for this [because I'm super nerdy], but I can only find a lot of other people complaining about it--no smart scientists.


Does anyone else have this problem? Any smart people in the house who can verify that this isn't just in my head?



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Exciting stuff!!

Not sure if I'll be back before this weekend (we're driving overnight on Saturday to spend the week with my family in Central NY), but I have The Boilermaker 15K on Sunday, followed by a relaxing week with the fam.

So, if I don't talk to ya before then, have a great 4th of July!


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