Essential Oil Holiday Room Spray

Some things never change.

I'm still just as crazy as I always have been about chemicals, and I'm still doing my best to keep my family as chemical free as possible. I'm not talking about living in a plastic bubble, but I do my best to limit our exposure. If I don't have time to make a natural cleaner, deodorizer, toothpaste, antiseptic (etc...) myself, I just try to purchase the most natural version of the product that I'm in need of.

I figure that we're inundated with enough chemicals and nasty stuff (against our will) all day every day, so I don't need to add to that exposure by throwing unnatural products into the mix at home. I do my best to control the things that my family uses in our home, which will ultimately limit our exposure to the gross stuff overall.

I started getting interested in essential oils a while ago, and it has led to me realize how much fun I have combining oils into various sprays, and I've also started to have fun cooking with all of the indigestible oils. It's been interesting for me to learn about the oils, and everyone in our family benefits from the wonderful scents and therapeutic qualities. My kids ask to have "oils" on their feet, and they like the smell of their oil diffuser running in their bedroom. It makes me feel happy inside to be teaching them about essential oils, and hopefully they will someday use them for their own families!

In my relentless search for all things holiday, Christmas, and essential oils, I came across some different recipes for holiday room sprays. Through trial and error, this recipe is the one that I've found to be my favorite. So try replacing your petroleum-based room sprays and candles with this natural version, using essential oils. This spray smells amazing, and is much better for you and your family!