Sesame Ginger Salmon with Coconut Rice

Mere minutes before this photo was taken...

I was crying my eyeballs out.  I had just professed my love for that man, in front of 52 of our closest friends and family members.  I had just read aloud my heartfelt, self-written vows.  I could barely read them because I was blubbering like a little girl.

With a hefty dose of foresight, and the knowledge that I would definitely be overcome with emotion as I read my vows, I added this bit of comic relief:

"I will love you without boundaries, be the best friend that you have ever had, and cook you tacos at least once a week."

Yes, I actually, truthfully built tacos into my wedding vows.  Tacos are sort of a mock religion in our house.  I make tacos, he worships them.  Devours them like Holy Communion.  The man loves tacos.

It would have been a little sacrilegious if I didn't mention tacos in our wedding vows.

I have heard mentions here and there about the concept that everyone gives and receives love in different ways.  There are relationship seminars entirely built around finding out the most effective way to love your mate.  There is no doubt that my husband equates being fed with being loved.  If he is not working during the evening, yet goes without a home-cooked meal for more than a day or two, he truly feels unloved.

I hate to be a cliche-embracing generalist, but the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.  I am convinced that the reason why he fell in love with me is because I cooked him Easter dinner on April 8, 2007, which was exactly 13 days after our first date.  Why did I make such a bold, "available" gesture (complete with cornbread, string beans cooked with a ham bone, and dessert)?

Because I wanted this man.  I deserved him, so he deserved Easter dinner.


Since it's one of the things that I enjoy immensely about our relationship, I cook him dinner as often as possible.  The preparation is my favorite: chopping, slicing and marinating in the name of a delicious dinner for someone whom I love.  I love cooking, and I love him; combining both is incredibly fulfilling for me.

Often, I obey my vows and just make him tacos.  Sometimes however, I like to make our dinners fancy.  My "fancy" is maybe not your fancy, but to me, Sesame Ginger Salmon with Coconut Rice is fancy.  He liked it.  He said he'd eat it again.  I guess that means he's gonna keep me.


Please make this for your man or woman, with no regard for the fact that you've only been dating for 14 days.  They might just marry you.