Simple Meal Planning Spreadsheets

I created a very simple meal-planning menu spreadsheet in order to help me plan ahead for the week.

I send all of my kids food with them to daycare (breakfast, lunch, snack), so when 1.0 first began solid foods, this was as an easy way for me to detail out each meal that went with her to daycare. This made it easy for everyone to know what I had intended her to each at each meal. Whether or not that's how it really happens, I'll never know. But, the intention is there! 

Since then, it has turned into a legit way for me to plan out weekly meals for our family. When I'm going through a "Wave" cycle in my own Eat To Perform approach (and my meals don't always necessarily mirror the rest of the family, I use a different version of this sheet that has 2 more "meals" added.

I'm sharing both of these for free, with more planning tools to come in the future.

You can find the spreadsheet with 4 meal sections here, and the spreadsheet with 6 meal sections here. Enjoy!