Smithstrong Wellness #BeTheSpark Shirt

A few weeks ago, I was sharing my heart on Instagram (as usual), and I posted this blurb, sharing a bit of my own insecurity about standing in a position of acting as a role model. 

I seriously just cringed when I typed that.

I have always loved being a Helper. I'm comfortable calling myself a Helper, but not a Role Model, even though both are simultaneously just part of who I am. I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that I can be a role model without being a model. 

Ever since I posted this on Instagram, I've been thinking about the ways in which we can all encourage each other to change for the better. Inspiration can come in many forms, and I can be just as inspiring as any other person out there, since we all find inspiration in different forms. 

Something that I don't generally talk about is the fact that Rick and I are both of the notion that health and wellness services should be available to everyone. It's the reason why my food diary is public on My Fitness Pal, why I post an abundance of information (some may say too much) on Instagram and Facebook about my meals, and why both of us periodically offer our services (virtually and in-person) for free to those who legitimately can't afford them. These are small ways in which we feel like we can be positive, influential role models.

We love the idea of everyone helping to propel each other to the next 'level'. By encouraging, showing support, love, and a little bit of gentle guidance, I feel like we can help to ignite a fire in others (we're trying to #BeTheSpark)! I wanted to find a way to honor our #BeTheSpark message and keep it rolling, and also help support our efforts to provide services for free to those who can't afford them.

Thus, we've created a shirt to promote the message. There are a few more designs in process, but this one is available for now. If you decide to purchase one of our shirts (which I'm extremely excited about), you will help us to provide others with our valuable services. We make a small profit on these shirts if we sell enough, which will help us offset our costs. We think it's important, and I hope you do too!

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