Vegan Chocolate Coconut No Bake Cookies

This is a recipe that was inspired by my sister's delicious non-vegan version. After several millions of attempts (because we never have dairy milk in our house), I finally managed to veganize it.

These cookies are so easy, the kids can help, and they're delicious and chocolaty. If your family isn't a fan of coconut, you can replace with chopped nuts, dry cereal, or add just a little more oatmeal.

We use a mini cookie scoop to form the cookies, and this yields about 40. They freeze well too!

Now, for some exciting news.

We just launched a YouTube channel, called Smithstrongs Cook!. The kids and I filmed this recipe for our very first YouTube video, and trust have to go watch it. It's roughly 50% disaster and 50% comedy hop over there and check it out! 

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