What IS Magical Eating?

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I keep talking about this "Magical Eating" thing, and I have even written an entire 7-week program around the concept. People keep asking me "What the HECK does that even mean?!"

The term "Magical Eating" is a loaded one, but the basic concept behind the term is that we were born with the skills that we needed in this lifetime to eat in such a way that our body would be both 1) nourished, and 2) satisfied.

These skills, the ones that we were born with, are literally Magical. Not like 'Abra Cadabra'- Magical, but like 'Amazing', 'Incredible', 'Remarkable'-Magical.

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Back in 2006, when I learned the skills that I needed to stop using food as a weapon against myself, I realized that food was not the enemy. I COULD be trusted to be around food. I COULD listen to my body and know what it needed in order to feel nourished and satisfied, and that when I ran into instances where my brain and body did not feel in sync, I could easily forgive myself for the oversight and move on.

No more judgment. No more guilt. No more shame.


This program that I've developed, Magical Eating in a Modern World, is based on not only my past 12 years of experience with actually practicing Magical Eating, but also on 10+ years of mentoring many women who have struggled in their relationship with food, and now, my formal education in Integrative Health and Nutrition. It is my souls mission to help women like me stop engaging in chronic dieting behaviors, so that they can free themselves from the anxiety, shame, guilt, and negative self-talk.

By forging a positive relationship with food, we open up our lives to an immense amount of joy, self-love, positivity, and new opportunities for connection.

Magical Eating is not a diet plan. It's also not a set of guidelines for how to live your life. It is a set of skills that you were born knowing how to use, but you just forgot along the way. My role in this process is to remind you of these skills, highlight the ones that you may find to be the most challenging, provide you with space, time, and opportunities to develop those skills, and then let you practice them in your own life.

All the while, I support you both personally and in offering you a Sisterhood of Women who are experiencing the same challenges as you are. There is great power in the energy that we can provide each other along this Magical Journey, and because I know this (and have experienced it on my own), I offer this as a group program with other women (and only women).

Magical Eating is both your program AND mine. It's mine to teach you, but yours to ultimately develop on your own, and that is why this program works so well. I'm not telling you HOW to nourish and satisfy your body, I'm just telling you how to rediscover the skills that you need in order to determine how your body needs to be nourished and satisfied.

The results are beautiful. Incredible. Outstanding. Magical.

Join us!