Self-Care: Fall Movie Bucket List!

I love watching movies. Not like at the theatre, but rather, curling up on my own sofa, in my comfy clothes, and watching a movie in my own home.

Don’t get me wrong—I love meditating, journaling, and all of the things that I actively do in order to grow personally. However, when I want to just chill out and not engage my brain in anything strenuous, Netflix is my outlet.

I have been really looking forward to the weather getting cooler outside, because not only is Fall my favorite season ever, but also because I love staying inside on the cold, rainy days during early Fall and watching movies. My kids love it too (although, they aren’t always crazy about my movie choices), so I try to make it something that we plan ahead for and get excited about.

This year, I asked my friends and coworkers for suggestions, and we came up with a solid list of “Fall Bucket List Movies. Now, I’m sharing it with you, because maybe watching movies on Netflix is part of your own Self-Care routine!

Just click this pic of the list, and it’ll take you to the free download on Google Drive!