Homesick Recipe Series: Potato Kielbasa Soup

Raise your hand if you grew up on kielbasa and pierogies. 🖐🏻

We relied a lot on quick and easy dinners in my home as a child, because my mom worked outside of the house. We ate lots of pre-packaged foods (no judgement!), and a really easy way to get some protein into a meal was through kielbasa or smoked sausage. It was already cooked, so all we had to do was warm it up!

So, kielbasa and cabbage, or kielbasa and frozen pierogies (Mrs. T’s, anyone??!!) were a staple in our home.

These days, I still love frozen pierogies (no shame), but my kids and husband aren’t fans of the delicious little pockets of joy. They also don’t like potatoes. HOW did I spawn 3 children who don’t enjoy potatoes, considering that my Dad’s family had several generations of potato farmers!!??

Genetics are strange.

In any case, they DO like smoked sausage and kielbasa, and when I pack potatoes into a creamy, soupy broth along with the kielbasa, they’ll sometimes eat the potatoes.

Like in this soup…


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