Our Midcentury Modern Bathroom Renovation (on a Budget)

Just wanted to share a little life update with you guys!

If you’re not following me on Instagram or Facebook (you should be!), then you wouldn’t know that we’re in the process of doing some renovations on our 1952 Cape Cod style home, which we purchased in 2011. We’ve already completely renovated the kitchen, moved the laundry room upstairs from the basement, and done some minor cosmetic stuff, but we’re finishing off the last of the MAJOR renovations this month, with the renovation of BOTH bathrooms.

We’re also replacing our cracky kitchen tile floor (which the contractor screwed up during our 2016 remodel), and adding some storage into our new laundry room as well. Then, we’ll be done…until we make some cosmetic and practical changes to our master bedroom in a few months.

The upstairs (“kids”) bathroom is about 90% finished at this point, and the contractors will be moving downstairs to our main bathroom next week. I’ll share some photos of the upstairs when it’s finished (we’re waiting on the new vanity to arrive, since I ordered the wrong one originally), but for now, take a look at my vision board for the downstairs bathroom.

Downstairs Bathroom Vision.png

We chose finishes that were cost-effective, since we do not have a millionaire’s budget over here, but still looked nicely finished in the end. The shower doors have since been nixed, because they just don’t fit in the space, but everything else is the actual items that we chose.

I’m excited for the upstairs bathroom to be finished, but the downstairs…is MY bathroom. I’m UBER excited about this one!

Here’s some info about the items we chose (these are NOT affiliate links, I’m just sharing the love):

1) Kohler Underscore Bathtub, model # K-20201-LA-0: This tub was SO important to me. Our current bathtub has a tub wall of 15”, and a soaking depth of 10”. TEN INCHES. No grown adult can “soak” in a tub that is 10” deep. This beautiful tub from Kohler has an 18.5” soaking depth, and the tub overflow is placed suuuuuuper high, so there’s lots of opportunity to get your bath on in there.

2) American Standard Passage 32 in. x 60 in. 4-Piece Glue-Up Alcove Bath Wall in Pewter Travertine: For this bathroom, I was definitely going for a mid-century modern look, but I wanted a spa/hotel bathroom feel. Since we are trying to keep costs low, the only true option for us was to do a vinyl wall in the tub/shower area (tile is so expensive). Let’s face it though…vinyl shower walls are usually pretty boring and ugly. This vinyl shower kit is literally the ONLY kit available on the market right now (in the US anyway) that is not “standard”, and costs less than $1,500. WHY IS THAT?? Why aren’t more manufacturers making vinyl shower kids that are MODERN and sleek? It makes no sense. In any case, this is the one we chose.

3) Holly & Martin Tobin Bath Vanity Sink w/ Marble Top, Industrial Style, Limed Burnt Oak w/ Black and Gray Marble: I fell in love with the way that this vanity looked, and then I searched the Internet far and wide for the cheapest deal on it. By dropping a screenshot of the vanity into Google Image Search, I was able to find basically all of the places where the vanity resided (some of them were under different manufacturer names even), and I picked out the best deal via Walmart (via eBates)! I ended up getting this vanity for about $250 less than it was listed for on Wayfair!

4) Moen “Boardwalk” model # T6220SRN Two Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet: I basically just fell in love with the old-school lines of this “Boardwalk” line from Moen, and we ended up getting the matching Tub & Shower trim kit as well.

5) Gracie Oaks Witton 23.75'' W x 26'' H Wall Mounted Cabinet (Gray): Walmart came through for me again on this one! I wanted an inexpensive cabinet to hold our toothbrushes and doo-dads, since I have decided to get rid of our old bevel-edge mirrored recessed medicine cabinet. I wanted the clean look of a regular mirror over the vanity, so this cabinet was the perfect solution to no medicine cabinet (and the closing doors hide any potential untidiness that can happen from time to time).

7) Moen 3668EPORB Eco-Performance Single Function Hand Shower Package with Hose and Slide Bar : This choice took some time to debate, because it felt like a luxury that wasn’t NECESSARY. However, I really wanted to have the clean look of a shower without the attached handheld hose-jobby, but we still need the hand shower function, because washing ones hair in a bathtub with no shower head is a royal P.I.T.A., ya know?

8) Mannington Luxury Vinyl Sheet Platinum-Deco - Steel : Since we were trying to keep costs low, tile on the floor was not really an option for us. Also, we have 3 small children (plus one on the way!), and KIDS ARE DESTRUCTIVE! They don’t even mean to be—they just ARE. I didn’t want to spend a bunch of cash on beautiful tile floors, then have someone smash the tile with a toy or whatnot. When my contractor said the words “sheet vinyl”, I visibly recoiled. The words conjured up all types of images of checkerboards, fake parquet, and terribly-impersonated marble flooring. Then, I started searching the Internets, and my mind was BLOWN when I found Mannington’s beautiful, realistic, not-your-Grandma’s-sheet-vinyl sheet vinyl. I fell in love with the bold pattern in their Deco print, and the rest is history. We actually chose a more neutral-looking Mannington sheet vinyl for the kids bathroom too, and it’s already laid on the floor, and I LOVE it.

9) Young House Love Bubble Vanity Light (3-Light) - Nickel and Brushed Brass: It took me DAYS to decided which finish to purchase for this light, but I finally decided on the nickel and brushed brass because of the brass knobs on the vanity, and the brushed nickel fixtures that we chose for the shower and vanity. The nickel on this light fixture is shiny, not like the brushed finish on the shower and vanity fixtures—but I think that the contrast will actually be nice when it’s all put together.

So there you go! That’s my life update…everything that you ever wanted to know about my downstairs bathroom remodel! Now, I have to go choose paint colors…wish me luck!

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