Magical Eating in a Modern World

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I have developed a new program, and it's completely magical.

I've been trying for some time to develop a program that would encompass the way that I FEEL about eating and food, but I would always come up to a road-block when I reached the 'development' phase. I love food, I love eating, I love having the freedom to eat everything that I desire without feeling guilt, shame, or judgmental thoughts about myself.

I learned the foundation of these skills as part of an 18-month treatment program for my eating disorder, which was based loosely on a bunch of different techniques and modalities (at the time, I didn't really care what it was--I just cared that it worked). With years of personal and professional experience since my official "treatment", I can now recognize in hindsight that these techniques were a mish-mash of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Law of Attraction, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, and Hypnotherapy, among others.

The challenge for me was that although I have been practicing these skills since 2006, and I know how to DO it, I couldn't figure out how in the HECK to teach the magic to other people!

Then, I picked up a book that had me nodding my head all the way through. It's called Eat, Drink, and Be Mindful: How to End Your Struggle with Mindless Eating and Start Savoring Food with Intention and Joy, by Susan Albers, Psy.d. This book offered a very practical approach to learning how to mindfully eat (or, 'Magically' eat, as I like to say), and the aspect of this book that really spoke to me was the 'Seven Skills of Mindful Eaters' that are detailed.

Breaking these skills down into very manageable terms seemed so obvious, and I knew that I had been practicing these exact skills for years, even though I did not learn them by reading about them. But, there they were, on paper, in the Albers book! 

And, Magical Eating in a Modern World was born.

In this program, I teach you the skills of Magical Eating, and I teach them to you the way that I learned them: by doing them! I also teach them to you in a way that is much more magical than just reading about them in a book. In this program, we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell the Magic of Food together, as a group of women--learning to reconnect with our own Magical Eating Skills!

I realize that to the outside person, I sound insane when I write (or talk) about this topic, but we were born knowing about the magic of food. We should be able to enjoy food in all ways, and my goal through this program is to not only teach you how to reconnect with that magic, but to also help you become part of a Sisterhood of other women who are experiencing the exact same feelings that you are!

You are not alone!

Here's some of the 'official' lingo and background research that I developed for this program:

According to Miller, et al. (2012), practicing mindful eating and mindful self-awareness can help to improve our self-esteem, reduce anxiety, depression, overall weight status and food cravings, and can also reduce the incidence of eating disorders. In practice, successful mindfulness-based interventions use techniques and methods that provide individuals with the tools to become more aware of their in-the-moment physical sensations, mental state, and to process thoughts in a non-judgemental manner (Albers, 2008; Miller et al., 2012). By developing a close and intimate relationship with our own minds, we can become less reactive to the emotions, thoughts, and food cravings that we have (Albers, 2008). Mindful eating interventions include teaching individuals the skills to make deliberate food choices, how to become more aware of internal cues related to food intake, becoming conscientious of physical versus psychological or external cues to eat, and teaching the skills to appropriately respond to these cues (Miller et al., 2012).

Magical Eating in a Modern World is a 7-week program, and will take place in the comfort of your own home! There will be one group video call per week, conducted via Zoom, and one weekly course module each week, accessed via the eCoach learning platform.

The goal of this program is to teach women the skills they need so that they can stop engaging in the chronic-dieting behaviors that are so common in our society these days. Not only do these behaviors damage our bodies in the long run, but they also damage our confidence and self-esteem.

The first session of this program will take place from September 10-October 26. If you'd like more info on the program, all of the details are right here


It's Never Too Late to Rediscover YOUR Food Magic!

Never too late.png

“Information about abuse inflicted during childhood is recorded in our body cells as a sort of memory, linked to repressed anxiety.”

Alice Miller, renowned psychologist, psychoanalyst, and advocate for healing childhood traumas, wrote this in 1997. 

The trauma that we experience during childhood impacts our bodies on a CELLULAR level. It alters the course of our life. 

Alice elaborates:

“If, lacking the aid of an enlightened witness, these memories fail to break through to consciousness, they often compel the person to violent acts that reproduce the abuse suffered in childhood, which was repressed in order to survive.”

Maybe all of us weren’t “abused”, by the harshest definition, and maybe we don’t all feel compelled to engage in the “violent acts” that come to mind when we think of the term “violent acts”.

We all have our very OWN definition of “abused”. What matters is how OUR experience affected OUR truth.

If we ***felt*** abused, weren’t we then abused? Or, if we felt neglected, weren’t we then neglected? If we felt unloved, weren’t we then unloved?

An ‘Enlightened Witness’' is a person who is innately sensitive and aware of the experiences of other children, and who chooses to hold space for other children of abuse and neglect.

Holds space for the grown-up-women versions of those children who were abused and neglected, who then turned to food so that they could begin feeling loved, cared for, and soothed.

As children, the food made us feel less anxious, less shameful, less guilty.

As grown ups, with grown up cells, holding childhood trauma, all we feel is more anxious, more shameful, more guilty. Unhappy with the body that we live in. 

The beautiful part about this story is that WE WERE BORN WITH the magical skills we needed to navigate through our relationship with food. Before the trauma, we knew how. 

We can be reminded of these skills and develop them now, as grown-ups! It is never too late to reinvent your magic!

OG Enlightened Witness, at your service!


How can I help? Here’s a really easy way to send me a message:


The Magic Begins Tomorrow!

Are you ready to practice Food Magic with me next week!?!?
I can’t wait to show you how. 
Keep an eye on my Insta stories tomorrow morning for instructions on how to cast your first Food Magic spell! 😍

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You Are Not A Problem That Needs To Be Fixed

There is no consequence to your fatness. 
Despite what the media, your mother, your doctor, your husband, your sister, or your best friend tells, your fatness is not a problem. 
You are not a problem that has to be fixed. 
We were all born with a deep love for food. 
Just picture in your mind a weaning baby, grunting and reaching for the delicious, juicy peach that you’re holding in your hand. 
They automatically know that they want the food, it’s going to nourish their body, and their body will know exactly what to do with it. 
They trust the food, and they trust their body. Magically. 
You were also born knowing about the Magic of Food. 
The fact that your relationship with food may have deviated from feeling 💫Magical💫 along the way doesn’t make you “bad” or “lazy” or “a failure” or “worthless”. 
It just makes you human, in the 21st century. 
If anything at all is a “problem”, it’s that you’ve been made to feel like YOU are a problem, rather than the solution. 
Because if you’re anything, you’re both!
Food makes you (and me!) feel joy, satisfaction, and comfort on a deep and primal level.
And at our very core, THIS is what we need in order to experience the Magic in our relationship with food. 
You deserve to love food. 
You deserve to appreciate food.
You deserve to completely immerse yourself in the Magic of Food, without feeling guilty or shameful for doing so. 
Your previous “failures” in dieting are not actually failures at all. 
They were just your body reminding you of your Magical birthright. You may have consciously forgotten, but it’s still in you. It always was. 
Magical Eating in a Modern World is my new program, and it’s going to crush everything that you thought you knew about food and self. 
I’m going to remind you of the Food Magic that you were born knowing, and teach you how to bring those skills back into consciousness. 
Next week, we’re going to do one FUN, magical activity on Instagram every day to help you remember the Magic that you were born knowing. 
Follow me so you don’t miss it!

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It's Never About The Food

Magical Eating _ Modern World - Day 3 Promo (1).png

In 2005, I spent $8,000 on a meal preparation service, because I was afraid that I'd get fat if I prepared my own meals.
Despite the fact that I had my own business preparing healthy meals for other people, in my own meal-prep service!
Doesn't that sound absolutely insane?
Before I started to practice Food Magic, I purchased memberships to countless "diet" websites, bought hundreds of magazines and books about dieting, bought many calorie counters, and talked endlessly with my friends, family, and coworkers about food and diets.
I was also engaging in my standard 'binge-purge-starve' behaviors. If I wasn't actively on a diet, my eating felt out of control anyway. 
Dieting was a way for me to feel like I had regained control over myself. I had become convinced that I needed to be controlled.
That my feelings didn't matter.
That I could push through the pain of any situation.
That my needs were not important.
Like some kind of caged animal.
It all seemed so normal!
The biggest problem is that I am not SPECIAL. Most women experience this same pattern of 'binge-purge-starve' behavior to some degree.
Maybe you don't literally purge food, but you exercise until you're beyond exhausted.
Maybe you 'only' starve yourself after eating something that you 'shouldn't' have eaten. 
This pattern of discourse with food and self is so common in our society that it feels normal to us.
Until it doesn't.
Until we're so tired of obsessing over food that we literally cannot. even. anymore.
Food is magical.
It doesn't have to be difficult, and you don't need to be controlled. 
My new program, Magical Eating in a Modern World, will bring you on a magically-fun journey with food. You'll learn how to truly enjoy food and stop using it as a weapon against yourself!
Join me next week on Instagram, where I'll be doing a fun activity every day to get you into a Magical Food Mindset!

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You Don't Have To "Diet" To Lose Weight!


💁🏼‍♀️“You don’t have to go on a diet to lose weight”. 

That ⬆️ is what my nutritionist told me back in 2006 when I was being treated for an eating disorder. 

I rolled my eyes. 

🙎🏻‍♀️ “So what then—I’m going to just lose weight MAGICALLY?”

💁🏼‍♀️ “Well, yes...kinda!”

I rolled my eyes again.

I didn’t believe her for a second.

What did SHE know about ME?!

I had struggled in my life. Chaotic childhood, troubled adolescence, terrible 20’s. 

Bulimia, alcoholism, physical and mental abuse, damaging sexual experiences. This is what I knew. 

I was a product of my experiences. I owned every one of those memories and embodied them. I also did everything I could to distract my attention from the way that they made me feel. 

In turn, I stopped listening to my true internal dialogue. 

I was running a soundtrack in my head about how worthless and fat I was. How much I deserved everything that had happened to me because I was not lovable. 

I hid behind this soundtrack. I allowed those thoughts and feelings to be my reality, because the alternative was that I was going to have to sit and really LISTEN.

Acknowledge my feelings. 

Honor myself. 

Honor my body. 

Of course she didn’t know ME. I was 29 years old, and nobody actually knew me. 

I didn’t even know me. 

So I got to know myself. 

I began to listen.

I started to honor, trust, and respect my own feelings, intuition, and needs. 

I stopped obsessively counting calories. 

I made it my mission to have fun with food. 

To make eating feel Magical.

And guess what? She was right. I did “Magically” lose weight. 

Without dieting, and frankly, without even caring. 

was so confident in my journey and in my own skin, that the weight loss was an accidental side effect to enjoying my magical relationship with food and life. 

There is magic inside all of us. We just have to remember how to access it. 

Next week, we’re going to take a magical journey together. You’re going to reconnect with your magic and learn how to enjoy life with food again. 

Follow me on Instagram (@elisabethsmithcoaching). It’s going to be Magically fun!

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Magical Eating In A Modern World

Magical Eating _ Modern World Less Text (1).png

My goal was to weigh 125 pounds by the time that I reached 25 years old. 
I was convinced that the key to my happiness in life was losing 30 pounds.
I thought that if I weighed 30 pounds less, I would look better on the outside, so I’d feel better about myself on the inside. 
I thought that if the number displayed on the scale was 30 pounds less, I would magically become more confident. 
More powerful. 
More ‘at home’ in my own skin. 
More lovable. 
By weighing less, I actually thought that I could FEEL like more. 
The truth is, I did lose almost 30 pounds. 
Then, I looked in the mirror and saw the same exact “me” that was there when I was 30 pounds heavier. 
I was a slightly more narrow version of the same “me” that I always was. 
So what?
I lost 30 pounds...big deal. I still hated myself on the inside. 
I still looked in the mirror and poked at every lump and bump. 
I still talked poorly about myself, to myself, and at myself, because I was still ignoring mySELF. 
I lost 30 pounds by starving, purging, working out excessively, and depriving myself of the Magic of food. 
And then I gained it back. And lost it again. And gained it back...
I stripped all of the joy out of my relationship with food for at least 15 years, and I was suffering. 
I wanted more from this life than to spend my existence counting calories, weighing food, and memorizing nutritional labels. 
I wanted to stop being jealous of every other woman who was “skinnier” and “happier” than I was. 
I wanted to live a joyful life, have a positive relationship with food, and to stop obsessing about ways to “LOSE THOSE PESKY 30 POUNDS!” 
I wanted to stop allowing my life to revolve around food, diets, and negative thoughts and feelings about myself. 
So I did. 
And the way I did it is Magical. 
And I want to teach you how. 
I’m going to let you preview my new program for free. Every day next week, I will be giving you one FUN and MAGICAL activity per day that will help you to embrace the FOOD MAGIC that you were literally born knowing, but just forgot how to do.
So I’m going to remind you. 
Stay tuned.

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Food is Magical!

Food Magic.png

At 15 years old, I learned how to purge. 
I didn’t really intend to learn how to do this, but my friends were doing it, and in the spirit of ‘Sisterhood’, I gave it a go. 
Initially, it was a way to stop being “The Chubby Girl”. To stop feeling singled out, unloved, and unaccepted. 
Over time, it became an escape. A release. A distraction. An obsession. 
By the time I reached 25 years old, I was usually retaining less calories per day than are required by a toddler. 
I had become afraid of food. 
Scared of calories. 
Joyless in life. 
Distracted by my own thoughts. 
I had forgotten a key fact about life on this plane: experiencing the Magic of food is my birthright. I was born knowing. I just forgot along the way. 
Without the magic of food, eating is a chore. It becomes something that we do only to exist. 
Or, it becomes something that we’re OVERdoing so that we can avoid the feelings that come along with presence. 
In order to reclaim our birthright of Food Magic, we have to be present. We have to acknowledge and appreciate how we reached this point, release the judgement, and then reconnect to the Magic of food. 
We were not put on this planet to weigh, measure, count, and obsess about the macros in food. 
If someone else is telling you what to eat (diet plans, websites, magazines, or any other external source), you’re robbing yourself of the Magic of Food. 
My goal in this lifetime is to show other women that food is not the enemy. It is Magical. The ability to appreciate food without using it as a weapon is also Magical.
There is another way. It’s the way you were born. It’s magical. 
I have a new program launching soon, and it’s magical. 
Follow me on Insta for more info!

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Journal Your Way To Inner Peace!

There are two scenarios in which I journal:

  1. Each morning to begin my day.
  2. When a stressful situation arises that is keeping me from being present.

Each morning, I follow this process when I journal:

  1. Write how I'm feeling (if you need some help with identifying the correct emotions to describe the way you feel, you can access an awesome collection of emotions here).
  2. Acknowledge the feelings that I feel, and then redirect my thoughts towards the positive aspects of my current life.
  3. Write some affirmations to include the things that I want to achieve, what I currently know to be true, or what I want to know.
  4. Write a visualization of an actual experience (or a small snippet) that happens in my ideal life, including the feelings that I feel in that instance.

For example

I'm in the process of manifesting several things in my life, but one that I recently mentioned in a Facebook post was that I'd like to have a new patio built around our backyard pool. We have an existing deck that is accessible from our master bedroom, and rather than having our current outdoor dining table on that deck, I'd like to move it down to the new patio by our pool.

When I've been journaling lately in the morning, I've focused often on this experience. Here's what a typical morning journal may look like:

Today I'm feeling a little tired since I've been working so much on building my business programs and offerings. I've also started to work out every day, in order to keep my body healthy, so my muscles are tired as well! I feel very excited about the future, despite the many hours that I'm putting into my work.

  1. Of course I feel tired, since my energy has been so focused on building my business. This has led to lots of late nights, early mornings, and has been a bit chaotic as I've tried to figure out the best way to make healthy movement a priority in my life each day. Naturally, I'm going to be tired as a result of all of the changes! However--I am so excited for the future and grateful for all of the abundance around me. Not only am I manifesting a successful coaching business for women, but I'm also manifesting a calm and peaceful space within my home. My children are beautiful, healthy, and rambunctious! My business is growing by leaps and bounds, and I am helping hundreds of women every day! I am so so grateful for this ability, and I know that the hard work that I put in is worth all of the effort.
  2. "I am doing exactly what I was meant to do." ; "I have the energy to pursue my dreams."; "I was made for this life."; "The efforts I put in now will reap great rewards in the future."; "My action is changing the world."
  3. My husband and I have just poured a glass of red wine, and we're sitting on our beautiful deck, enjoying the nighttime view of our backyard. We're sitting on our new comfy outdoor sofa, with the twinkling solar lights all around us, and the gas fireplace in front of us is gently flickering. I look out at our crystal clear pool, and walk down from the deck to our beautiful new stone patio...then dip my toe into the pool to test the temperature. I walk back up onto the deck to sit beside my husband, and I tell him "I am so grateful for this life."


If I'm feeling anxiety and need to bring myself  back to the present I use this technique:

  1. Identify the feeling that is driving my current anxiety (use the list of emotions as previously linked if you need to).
  2. Acknowledge the reason(s) or scenario(s) that has caused you to feel that way.
  3. What is the truth?
  4. Replace the current feeling with the feeling that you'd like to feel instead (use the chart again--it's so helpful)).

For example:

  1. I am feeling very overwhelmed and anxious about my current schedule.
  2. It is completely understandable that I am feeling overwhelmed and anxious, because in addition to working a 9-5 job, I also have a thriving business, three small children, and I attend grad school. This is a very hectic and non-stop schedule for anyone to have.
  3. The truth is that this period of my life is only temporary! I will only physically have this schedule for a short amount of time (less than one more year). The truth is that I can manage this lifestyle for a short period of time, especially since the payoff will be so amazing in the end! I am truly living in a state of abundance, and I am very grateful for all of the opportunities that I am experiencing in my life. Truly, my children are beautiful, and I strive to be present in their lives whenever possible.
  4. I feel determined to achieve my goals, motivated to lead a great life, inspired by all of the beautiful women that I'm working with, eager to build my business, and excited for the future!

Both of these techniques are so incredibly helpful! As you can see, journaling doesn't have to conjure up images of teenage diaries that are kept under lock and key! We can actually use our existing thoughts and feelings to do a type of reprogramming to how we process and cope with this information.

Even if you feel skeptical about this process, give it a try a couple of times--I am about 99% confident that you're going to start noticing changes that occur as a result!


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Simple (and Very Effective) Meal Plan AND Grocery List


You're busy. 

I know.

I hear these words from my clients (and say them myself) like eleventeen thousand times per week. We're all busy, and we all feel like we can't add even ONE MORE task on our list.

This is a universal sentiment, and people who have zero children and minimal responsibilities say this just as often as those who have multiple children and a million responsibilities. It seems that "free" time is really difficult to come by, because we tend to fill it pretty quickly with the things that we feel have to be done. 

I think the only difference between people with no kids and people with kids is that the people with no kids tend to do things like laundry. They clean mirrors. They retrieve the grape that fell under the fridge. 

Am I right?

Moving on...

Something that almost immediately falls out the window when we are "busy" with our kids and responsibilities is eating. As in...eating something other than fast food, take out, or opening a package and heating it up in the microwave.

I'm not throwing shade here--we do what we have to do in order to feed our children (and ourselves)!

But meal planning and grocery shopping takes TIME! And since I just told you that nobody has TIME, of course we can't meal plan and grocery shop. There's just no TIME. What if I told you that you do have time?

I am the mom of 3 small children (6 years, 4 years, 11 months), and I have meal planned for most of the past 520 weeks. That's ten YEARS.

Yes, meal planning was a much easier task when it was just my husband and myself to feed. Grocery shopping was relaxing back then. It's more difficult to fit the task into my week now, but I know that it's worth it because of the proven benefits.

For Women: 

  1. Women who meal plan at least occasionally eat a higher overall variety of foods.

  2. Women who meal plan have lower odds of being overweight and obese (Ducrot et al., 2017).

  3. Women who plan meals or prepare dishes ahead of time are twice as likely to eat more servings of vegetables (Fruh et al., 2013).

For Families and Children:

  1. One of the largest perceived barriers to eating meals together as a family was the ability to meal plan.

  2. Family meals result in greater consumption of healthy foods in children, adolescents, and adults.

  3. Adolescents and children who consume fewer family meals consume more unhealthy food overall.

  4. School-aged children and adolescents who consume more family meals have greater intakes of typically under-consumed nutrients.

  5. Increased family meal frequency may decrease risk of overweight or obesity in children and adolescents.

  6. Frequent family meals also may protect against eating disorders and negative health behaviors in adolescents and young adults.

  7. Psychosocial benefits include improved perceptions of family relationships.

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 10.26.03 AM.png

So the question is: why WOULDN'T you make some time to meal plan?


OK, I know. Me neither, but I've developed a pretty quick and EASY way to do it, and you can have my tool for free.

I've tried various methods of meal planning over the years, and what I've realized since having children is that it MUST be simple, easy, quick, and effective. The end.

I don't need 4 different lists of things to keep track of, or a schedule of what to cook when and how. I just need to know two things: 1) What are we eating each day of this week? and 2) What do I need to buy in order to accomplish the task of making the meal?

There are detailS that I need to be aware of, like who has martial arts, what assignments I have due for school, work deadlines, what my husband's schedule is for the evenings during the week, who has to schlep which child to what activity, etc...but at the core, I only need to know what we're eating, and what ingredients I'm missing.

For the most part, my meals take no more than 30 minutes to prepare, they're kid friendly, and they have to be on the table within an hour of starting the prep. Ain't nobody got time for gourmet meals right now, ya hear me?

The first thing I do is go to Pinterest and start looking for recipes. I mainly only plan dinner recipes, because everything else falls into place pretty easily for breakfast and lunch, so that's all I focus on with meal planning. If you want some inspiration, you can use my "Recipes For Dinner" Pinterest board to get you there. That board has recipes for conventional, vegetarian, vegan, Whole 30, Paleo, and every other type of eating pattern on it, since I don't discriminate.

I also have around 50 FULL MENUS that I completely planned out and posted right here on my Pinterest Page. Those boards include a pdf of the weekly menu as well as a link to each one of the recipes, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

After I've rounded up all of the dinner recipes that I want to use, I just fill them into each day of the week on the left side of my handy Meal Plan and Grocery List.

Click here to download the fillable PDF for free from Google drive!

Click here to download the fillable PDF for free from Google drive!


After that, I write down the ingredients that I am missing from each recipe on the right side of the Meal Plan and Grocery List. I also add anything "extra" that I'm missing (items for breakfast and snacks, for instance). This meal plan and grocery list is MY meal plan and grocery list. It's one of my favorite tools that I've developed, and I literally use it every single week.

Using this list, as well as my efficient recipe saving and searching skills on Pinterest, I can have my meal planning done in an hour or less each week. It normally only takes me about 20 minutes these days, because I have an entire arsenal of recipes on Pinterest that I have tested and given my 'seal of approval'. 

Starting is the most difficult part, but once you get the momentum, it becomes just part of your normal life, and you stop worrying about whether you have "time" just do the thing that makes your life easier in the long run. 

Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

I am Elisabeth Smith, am empath and practitioner or Integrative Wellness and Health. My clients are women who are ready to do the emotional and physical work that it takes to make long-term changes to their lifestyle so that they can start to enjoy their lives to the fullest! Women who are ready to put down their calorie counter, get rid of their scale, and get down to the real business of wellness: personal growth. I'm part motivator, part supporter, part mentor and teacher, with a sprinkle of "woo" thrown in there for good measure. My life purpose is to help women align with their most concentrically-well self, from the inside out.

If you want to talk about working with me on a 1:1 basis, let’s jump on a free call to Plan your Magical Journey! Or if you just want to see what I'm up to, come join my VIP Ladies-Only Facebook Group, Magical Eating Mamas, where I share all types of information on mindful/intuitive eating, Health At Every Size, and I promote all things non-diet and pro-positivity!



Ducrot, P., Méjean, C., Aroumougame, V., Ibanez, G., Allès, B., Kesse-Guyot, E., … Péneau, S. (2017). Meal planning is associated with food variety, diet quality and body weight status in a large sample of French adults. The International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 14, 12. Retrieved from

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