The Magical Eating Manifesto and a Reintroduction to Me!

Hi Everyone! Since so many new people are coming to check me out lately, I wanted to take a moment today to reintroduce myself!
Hiyaaaa, and WELCOME!! I’m Elisabeth (or Beth, or Bethie, depending upon the audience)! 


^^^ that is my serious face...but it's more likely that I look like this when you see me...

Eyes closed, full on snort-laughing.

I grew up in beautiful Central New York, where the air is clean and the population is low. When I was a wee 21-year-old, I moved to Maryland, where I still live in the ‘burbs between Baltimore and DC. Since 2007, I have been a mentor and coach to women who are on a journey to heal from disordered Eating. 

I made this decision at the suggestion of my own mentor, after having been treated for bulimia/EDNOS from January 2006-July 2007. I found it extremely rewarding to be able to help other women to heal from their disordered eating behaviors. Also, I experienced great personal growth when I put myself into the role of being a mentor to others.

Despite the fact that I was obsessed with health and nutrition (to my detriment) for a good portion of my life, it was impossible to deny that I truly loved health and nutrition! I retained a ton of the information that I had studied over the years on my own, and I knew that this obsession and ultimately my years of disordered eating had a greater purpose. It became my dream to be able to share this love for nutrition and health, along with providing the skills for other women to heal from disordered eating.

I was an accountant for my entire adult life, but in 2016 I decided to get my masters degree in Integrative Health and Nutrition, and to become a Certified Holistic Nutrition Specialist in Maryland.

In September 2017, after the birth of my third baby, I became deeply committed to expanding myself and my life to the next level.

He's pretty great. <3

He's pretty great. <3

I hired a spiritual mentor and business coach, and in addition to sharpening my skills in business marketing, I also started to dive deeply into all of the Woo-stuff that makes so many people uncomfortable. It even made ME uncomfortable, at first, TBH. Then I realized that all of these "new" things that I had brought into my life were objects and processes that my ancestors had used for centuries before me.

I started practicing meditation, learned about healing the blocked energy centers in my body, started communicating with myself and my spirit guides on a divinely magical level, started reading tarot cards again (as I had done briefly as a teenager), fell in love with Oracle cards, began using crystals in my life, and ramped up on the essential oils that I had been using for years. I knew that this...the MAGIC...was the piece of myself that I needed to become more in touch with, and this was the piece that I needed to be able to teach to other women. 

And something amazing happened. I began healing myself on a deep, meaningful level—all the while, learning more about myself, my anxiety, my past decisions, and exploring lots of things that I had ignored for many years. I had already been through a period of massive healing back in 2006-2008, but this time it was different. I had opened up to the possibility that in addition to the standard "textbook" ways of healing that I had relied upon in the past (which had helped me out immensely), there was another deeper level of healing that I could achieve.

The truth arose that if I allowed the Magic to take over to a higher degree, and  if I trusted myself a little more, then I could achieve my dream of helping other women realize their own potential for Magic and joy. I could teach other women how to allow magic into their own lives, and in this way, allow themselves to become more in tune with their bodies, and allow the magic to flow into their relationship to food.

This was such a valuable lesson to learn, and although I have been coaching and mentoring women since 2007, the actions that I’ve taken over the past two years have not only made me SUCH a better mentor and coach, but they have literally changed my life.

And so, I opened myself up to new possibilities, and 'Magical Eating' was born!


I challenge you today to own ALL of the parts of yourself that make you shine, and don't be afraid to wave your magic wand when you need to.


Are you eating magically?

Everyone loves a quiz, am I right??!!

Of course I love a mindless (UN-magical?) quiz about which famous movie star I was in a past lifetime, but I am a nerd, so I tend to LOVE the quizzes that are based on scientific research and facts! The quizzes that actually help me on my journey towards personal growth are my favorite.

Most of the ladies who find me have been on a quest to lose weight for a long time, and they want to know WHY they can't seem to keep weight off or be happy with their bodies. They want **SOMETHING** to help, but they don't understand why I could help them, when nothing else has ever helped.

Honestly, the skills that you need to coexist in a loving, carefree relationship with food and your body were there when you were born. You just forgot how to use them (due to various social and personal factors), and I just know how to teach you to tap into them again.

And these skills...the magical ones?

They're based on science.

There...I said it!

I didn't make up the whole idea. It's not some new-fangled, new-age thing. It's just science, research, and personal growth.

So, I developed a quiz...because as previously mentioned...everyone loves a quiz!

MY quiz is research-backed, and although I've given it a fun spin in which it will assign you with a cute mythological creature at the end, this is the ACTUAL questionnaire that I use with every single one of my clients. Although you won't see this unless you ask for the free detail, this quiz can tell you which areas of Magical eating are challenging for you, and that's where I come in.

When I can pinpoint the skills that will help you to begin eating magically, I can personalize your experience so that you can strengthen those specific aspects. This quiz, when scored fully by me, can tell me how to help you with that.

I'm offering FREE full analysis of EVERYONE'S quiz results right now--after you take the quiz, you just have to chat me to ask (after you receive your results, click the "Chat Now" button right here on the website, and let me know that you'd like a full analysis)! When things get crazy (since I know that this thing is going to blow up like a "Which Full House Character Are You" quiz on Buzzfeed), the full analysis will be a paid feature. So if you're curious, now is the time to get some insight from me in a quick, easy, and FREE way!

And, if you just want to take the quiz for fun, that's cool too! You are not obligated to leave me ANY personal info for just taking the quiz, because it's none of my biz unless you want to make it my biz!!

Love you guys!!

You can also head over to Facebook and join my closed group, Magical Eating with Elisabeth Smith. We'd love to have you!

Take the quiz here!

VIDEO: Magical Eating In A Modern World - Day 4 Preview

Hey Magical Eaters!

Last week, I spent the week sharing a preview each day on Instagram of 5 out of the 7 skills that I teach during the full Magical Eating in a Modern World 7-week course. I wanted to share those with you, here on the website as well! 

Here's the video for Day 4, when I talked about Being Mindful in the Environment.

Ready to enroll in the 7-Week course? You can get early bird pricing for another week! 


VIDEO: Magical Eating In A Modern World - Day 3 Preview

Hey Magical Eaters!

Last week, I spent the week sharing a preview each day on Instagram of 5 out of the 7 skills that I teach during the full Magical Eating in a Modern World 7-week course. I wanted to share those with you, here on the website as well! 

Here's the video for Day 3, where I'm wearing my favorite green dress =) , and I talk about Being In The Moment.

Ready to enroll in the 7-Week course? You can get early bird pricing for another week! 


VIDEO: Magical Eating In A Modern World Preview Day 2

Hey Magical Eaters!

Last week, I spent the week sharing a preview each day on Instagram of 5 out of the 7 skills that I teach during the full Magical Eating in a Modern World 7-week course. I wanted to share those with you, here on the website as well! 

Here's the video for Day 2, where I talk about Observation.

Ready to enroll in the 7-Week course? You can get early bird pricing for another week! 

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You Are Not the Problem, Your Diet is the Problem.

this is not the problem..png

“Just eat the cake!”, my therapist said.

I had called her from the bakery aisle of the grocery store, in a state of absolute mental turmoil over whether or not I should honor a craving that my body was experiencing.

“But I’m afraid that I’ll eat the whole cake! If I eat the whole cake, I’ll get SO FAT!”

“Have you ever eaten a whole cake before?”

“Not a WHOLE cake, but close.”

“And what happened when you did that?”

“I felt sick and probably threw up.”

“Ok, and what else?”

“I don’t really remember anything else happening, I just felt terrible.”

“So, that time that you almost ate a whole cake didn’t make you SO FAT?

“No, it took more than that one cake to make me SO FAT.”

“So go ahead and eat a slice of the cake for dessert today, if you want it.”

I had this conversation with my therapist in 2006, and I credit this conversation as being one of the major ‘a-ha’ moments on my journey to practicing magical eating.

There are biological, neurological, and hormonal reasons why restricting ourselves from food and dieting don’t provide us with forever weight loss and weight stability.

The problem is that in our society, we are fed this notion that the only way to achieve health is to actively engage in restrictive, dieting behaviors. It’s just not true, and there is a body of research to prove that it’s not true.

There is another way. It’s non-restrictive, it honors your needs, it listens to you as an individual, and you can personally grow exponentially larger than a scale could ever measure as a result.

You can learn more about how I teach my clients about the freedom of Magical eating by subscribing to my VIP list. If email isn't your thing, I get it! Head over to Facebook instead, and join my closed, ladies-only group. There is a Magical group of ladies over there, just waiting to pull you into the Sisterhood, with shared experiences around eating, dieting, and our relationships with food.   

Magical Eating in a Modern World

Copy of Magical Eating _ Modern World.png

I have developed a new program, and it's completely magical.

I've been trying for some time to develop a program that would encompass the way that I FEEL about eating and food, but I would always come up to a road-block when I reached the 'development' phase. I love food, I love eating, I love having the freedom to eat everything that I desire without feeling guilt, shame, or judgmental thoughts about myself.

I learned the foundation of these skills as part of an 18-month treatment program for my eating disorder, which was based loosely on a bunch of different techniques and modalities (at the time, I didn't really care what it was--I just cared that it worked). With years of personal and professional experience since my official "treatment", I can now recognize in hindsight that these techniques were a mish-mash of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Law of Attraction, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, and Hypnotherapy, among others.

The challenge for me was that although I have been practicing these skills since 2006, and I know how to DO it, I couldn't figure out how in the HECK to teach the magic to other people!

Then, I picked up a book that had me nodding my head all the way through. It's called Eat, Drink, and Be Mindful: How to End Your Struggle with Mindless Eating and Start Savoring Food with Intention and Joy, by Susan Albers, Psy.d. This book offered a very practical approach to learning how to mindfully eat (or, 'Magically' eat, as I like to say), and the aspect of this book that really spoke to me was the 'Seven Skills of Mindful Eaters' that are detailed.

Breaking these skills down into very manageable terms seemed so obvious, and I knew that I had been practicing these exact skills for years, even though I did not learn them by reading about them. But, there they were, on paper, in the Albers book! 

And, Magical Eating in a Modern World was born.

In this program, I teach you the skills of Magical Eating, and I teach them to you the way that I learned them: by doing them! I also teach them to you in a way that is much more magical than just reading about them in a book. In this program, we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell the Magic of Food together, as a group of women--learning to reconnect with our own Magical Eating Skills!

I realize that to the outside person, I sound insane when I write (or talk) about this topic, but we were born knowing about the magic of food. We should be able to enjoy food in all ways, and my goal through this program is to not only teach you how to reconnect with that magic, but to also help you become part of a Sisterhood of other women who are experiencing the exact same feelings that you are!

You are not alone!

Here's some of the 'official' lingo and background research that I developed for this program:

According to Miller, et al. (2012), practicing mindful eating and mindful self-awareness can help to improve our self-esteem, reduce anxiety, depression, overall weight status and food cravings, and can also reduce the incidence of eating disorders. In practice, successful mindfulness-based interventions use techniques and methods that provide individuals with the tools to become more aware of their in-the-moment physical sensations, mental state, and to process thoughts in a non-judgemental manner (Albers, 2008; Miller et al., 2012). By developing a close and intimate relationship with our own minds, we can become less reactive to the emotions, thoughts, and food cravings that we have (Albers, 2008). Mindful eating interventions include teaching individuals the skills to make deliberate food choices, how to become more aware of internal cues related to food intake, becoming conscientious of physical versus psychological or external cues to eat, and teaching the skills to appropriately respond to these cues (Miller et al., 2012).

Magical Eating in a Modern World is a 7-week program, and will take place in the comfort of your own home! There will be one group video call per week, conducted via Zoom, and one weekly course module each week, accessed via the eCoach learning platform.

The goal of this program is to teach women the skills they need so that they can stop engaging in the chronic-dieting behaviors that are so common in our society these days. Not only do these behaviors damage our bodies in the long run, but they also damage our confidence and self-esteem.

The first session of this program will take place from September 10-October 26. If you'd like more info on the program, all of the details are right here


It's Never Too Late to Rediscover YOUR Food Magic!

Never too late.png

“Information about abuse inflicted during childhood is recorded in our body cells as a sort of memory, linked to repressed anxiety.”

Alice Miller, renowned psychologist, psychoanalyst, and advocate for healing childhood traumas, wrote this in 1997. 

The trauma that we experience during childhood impacts our bodies on a CELLULAR level. It alters the course of our life. 

Alice elaborates:

“If, lacking the aid of an enlightened witness, these memories fail to break through to consciousness, they often compel the person to violent acts that reproduce the abuse suffered in childhood, which was repressed in order to survive.”

Maybe all of us weren’t “abused”, by the harshest definition, and maybe we don’t all feel compelled to engage in the “violent acts” that come to mind when we think of the term “violent acts”.

We all have our very OWN definition of “abused”. What matters is how OUR experience affected OUR truth.

If we ***felt*** abused, weren’t we then abused? Or, if we felt neglected, weren’t we then neglected? If we felt unloved, weren’t we then unloved?

An ‘Enlightened Witness’' is a person who is innately sensitive and aware of the experiences of other children, and who chooses to hold space for other children of abuse and neglect.

Holds space for the grown-up-women versions of those children who were abused and neglected, who then turned to food so that they could begin feeling loved, cared for, and soothed.

As children, the food made us feel less anxious, less shameful, less guilty.

As grown ups, with grown up cells, holding childhood trauma, all we feel is more anxious, more shameful, more guilty. Unhappy with the body that we live in. 

The beautiful part about this story is that WE WERE BORN WITH the magical skills we needed to navigate through our relationship with food. Before the trauma, we knew how. 

We can be reminded of these skills and develop them now, as grown-ups! It is never too late to reinvent your magic!

OG Enlightened Witness, at your service!


How can I help? Here’s a really easy way to send me a message:


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