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Self-Care Isn't Always Baths, Manicures, and Massages!

Everywoman knows at this point that self-care is key to maintaining your sanity from an overall perspective. It also is really important when it comes to being able to use your Magical Eating skills, because you have to be connected to your body. When our brains are spinning and we don't take even a minute to slow down the chaos and internal dialogue, we aren't able to be aware and observe, which means that we can't use the remaining skills in our Magical Eating Toolkit! 

I am a busy mom of 3, I work a full-time 9-5 job, plus I'm in the process of spreading my Magical Eating message. My husband works most evenings and weekends because he has his own business too, and let's be real--when the kids go to sleep, I mostly want to watch Netflix. 

One thing that I try to do at least once a day though (in addition to my regular Magical Eating check-ins), is spend a minimum of 15 minutes reading and journaling. I always have a book that I'm reading, and for journaling, I sometimes use my journaling method when I'm actively dealing with a situation or manifesting something amazing, and other times, I may use guided journaling prompts from other resources. Both are great ways to see where my thoughts are.

I love to drop some essential oils into my oil diffuser, sit down in my comfy chair, and just BE for a few minutes. 

This story is most significant right now not only because self care is important (even if you only have 15 minutes...or 5), but also because I have been on a quest to find a really great essential oil diffuser, and I think that I have finally done it.

I literally have about 10 diffusers, because of my love for essential oils, and also because we do not use artificial air fresheners in our home...but we like the house to smell nice. I always end up disappointed with my diffusers because they don't dispense a strong enough mist, the water is exhausted within a couple of hours (even when the mist is only intermittent), or because they're just plain ugly. 

I found the perfect diffuser. 

It's beautiful, the mist is hella strong, and yesterday, it took almost 12 hours before the water was exhausted! 

Here's a video of the Sierra Modern Home Smart Wifi Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser in action...

I hope that you find the essential oil diffuser of your dreams, and that you take at least 15 minutes out for yourself to relax today!


This is my new weekly series, called Self-Care Sunday! If you want to share you favorite ways to add self-care into your busy life, share them in the comments and I'll add them into the rotation here!

VIDEO: Magical Eating In A Modern World - Day 4 Preview

Hey Magical Eaters!

Last week, I spent the week sharing a preview each day on Instagram of 5 out of the 7 skills that I teach during the full Magical Eating in a Modern World 7-week course. I wanted to share those with you, here on the website as well! 

Here's the video for Day 4, when I talked about Being Mindful in the Environment.

Ready to enroll in the 7-Week course? You can get early bird pricing for another week! 


VIDEO: Magical Eating In A Modern World - Day 3 Preview

Hey Magical Eaters!

Last week, I spent the week sharing a preview each day on Instagram of 5 out of the 7 skills that I teach during the full Magical Eating in a Modern World 7-week course. I wanted to share those with you, here on the website as well! 

Here's the video for Day 3, where I'm wearing my favorite green dress =) , and I talk about Being In The Moment.

Ready to enroll in the 7-Week course? You can get early bird pricing for another week! 


You Are Not the Problem, Your Diet is the Problem.

this is not the problem..png

“Just eat the cake!”, my therapist said.

I had called her from the bakery aisle of the grocery store, in a state of absolute mental turmoil over whether or not I should honor a craving that my body was experiencing.

“But I’m afraid that I’ll eat the whole cake! If I eat the whole cake, I’ll get SO FAT!”

“Have you ever eaten a whole cake before?”

“Not a WHOLE cake, but close.”

“And what happened when you did that?”

“I felt sick and probably threw up.”

“Ok, and what else?”

“I don’t really remember anything else happening, I just felt terrible.”

“So, that time that you almost ate a whole cake didn’t make you SO FAT?

“No, it took more than that one cake to make me SO FAT.”

“So go ahead and eat a slice of the cake for dessert today, if you want it.”

I had this conversation with my therapist in 2006, and I credit this conversation as being one of the major ‘a-ha’ moments on my journey to practicing magical eating.

There are biological, neurological, and hormonal reasons why restricting ourselves from food and dieting don’t provide us with forever weight loss and weight stability.

The problem is that in our society, we are fed this notion that the only way to achieve health is to actively engage in restrictive, dieting behaviors. It’s just not true, and there is a body of research to prove that it’s not true.

There is another way. It’s non-restrictive, it honors your needs, it listens to you as an individual, and you can personally grow exponentially larger than a scale could ever measure as a result.

You can learn more about how I teach my clients about the freedom of Magical eating by subscribing to my VIP list. If email isn't your thing, I get it! Head over to Facebook instead, and join my closed, ladies-only group. There is a Magical group of ladies over there, just waiting to pull you into the Sisterhood, with shared experiences around eating, dieting, and our relationships with food.   

Five Reasons Why You SHOULD Just Eat the Cake (If You Want the Cake)

Five Reason Why You SHOULD Just Eat the Cake (If You Want the Cake).png

For women who find themselves struggling to lose weight and feel "better", the most logical solution in our society is to go on a diet! If we go on a diet, we'll lose weight forever, and we'll feel better forever, right?


A diet plan may help you to temporarily reduce your weight, but research has shown that diets don't help us to maintain that weight loss over a long period of time. In fact, studies have shown that rather than maintaining the weight loss, we actually tend to gain back the weight that we lost plus MORE weight in the long run. The problem with dieting is multi-faceted, but at the crux of the problem is that diets just aren't designed for long-term weight loss.

Companies (and people) who build diet plans and sell diet products are not in the business of helping you permanently lose weight--they want you to be a customer for life! The process of regaining all of the weight that you lost within the first 6-12 months of the diet (plus some MORE, possibly), is an inevitable part of the diet plan itself.

Dieting is not the answer. 

Here are my five reasons why you should just eat the damn cake (and not judge yourself for it):


According to Dr. Traci Mann, author of "Secrets From the Eating Lab", and someone who has been conducting research about diets and dieting behaviors for over 20 years, 

We’ve conducted studies where we have brought dieters and non-dieters into the lab, and distracted them a little bit. What we have found is that when distracted, dieters eat more than non-dieters. In fact, distraction only affects how much dieters eat. A simple little thing like that tells you that if you’re trying to resist eating, the subtlest things can mess you up. All these little things cause dieters to fail in resisting food that don’t really affect people who aren’t dieting.


All of the rumors are true--when we engage in dieting behaviors that include food restriction, our body becomes more efficient in processing calories. The less calories we take in, over time, the slower our bodies process the calories. The beautiful thing about our bodies is that when we consistently decrease our calorie intake, our bodies actually become SUPER efficient at utilizing the calories, and our bodies actually tend to have even MORE calories left over! Sadly, those leftover calories will be stored as fat, and that has the opposite effect than intended.


When we lose body fat, the hormones that help our bodies to feel full actually decrease in production. This means that the more body fat we lose, the hungrier we will likely feel, and the less likely we are to feel full. That is also counterproductive to the weight loss that we're striving for!


    Ever notice how, when you're on a diet, food just seems to be EVERYWHERE? It's as if you're all of a sudden surrounded by food, it all looks and smells delicious, and you want to eat all of it. This is because our brains are programed to do this! When we're restricting ourselves of food, our brains and bodies are literally trying to save us from dying. This neurological response that we feel to 'EAT ALL OF THE THINGS!' is basically just our bodies doing their jobs. 


    If you are living in a perpetual state of "Diet", you are perpetually also in a state of restriction. Arguably, even if you aren't actively engaging in a diet plan, you are probably running through the same old inner dialogue:

    "You shouldn't eat that."

    "That is going to make you fat."

    "I hate grilled chicken...but I'll eat it anyway because it's 'healthy'"

    So, even though you haven't committed to the 'next best thing', or the 'old best thing', or the 'high fat/low carb/raw/vegan/gluten free/etc.' diet plan that you read about online yesterday, your brain is still churning out that same tired playlist about what a failure you are at dieting, and how you have no willpower.

    Being 'successful' on a diet plan has nothing at all to do with you. Diets are not designed for success. Thankfully, there is a better (Magical) way!

    You can learn more about how I teach my clients about the freedom of Magical eating by subscribing to my VIP list. If email isn't your thing, I get it! Head over to Facebook instead, and join my closed, ladies-only group. There is a Magical group of ladies over there, just waiting to pull you into the Sisterhood, with shared experiences around eating, dieting, and our relationships with food.   

    I can't wait to talk to you about it!




    What IS Magical Eating?

    What is Magical Eating.png

    I keep talking about this "Magical Eating" thing, and I have even written an entire 7-week program around the concept. People keep asking me "What the HECK does that even mean?!"

    The term "Magical Eating" is a loaded one, but the basic concept behind the term is that we were born with the skills that we needed in this lifetime to eat in such a way that our body would be both 1) nourished, and 2) satisfied.

    These skills, the ones that we were born with, are literally Magical. Not like 'Abra Cadabra'- Magical, but like 'Amazing', 'Incredible', 'Remarkable'-Magical.

    Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 1.25.29 PM.png

    Back in 2006, when I learned the skills that I needed to stop using food as a weapon against myself, I realized that food was not the enemy. I COULD be trusted to be around food. I COULD listen to my body and know what it needed in order to feel nourished and satisfied, and that when I ran into instances where my brain and body did not feel in sync, I could easily forgive myself for the oversight and move on.

    No more judgment. No more guilt. No more shame.


    This program that I've developed, Magical Eating in a Modern World, is based on not only my past 12 years of experience with actually practicing Magical Eating, but also on 10+ years of mentoring many women who have struggled in their relationship with food, and now, my formal education in Integrative Health and Nutrition. It is my souls mission to help women like me stop engaging in chronic dieting behaviors, so that they can free themselves from the anxiety, shame, guilt, and negative self-talk.

    By forging a positive relationship with food, we open up our lives to an immense amount of joy, self-love, positivity, and new opportunities for connection.

    Magical Eating is not a diet plan. It's also not a set of guidelines for how to live your life. It is a set of skills that you were born knowing how to use, but you just forgot along the way. My role in this process is to remind you of these skills, highlight the ones that you may find to be the most challenging, provide you with space, time, and opportunities to develop those skills, and then let you practice them in your own life.

    All the while, I support you both personally and in offering you a Sisterhood of Women who are experiencing the same challenges as you are. There is great power in the energy that we can provide each other along this Magical Journey, and because I know this (and have experienced it on my own), I offer this as a group program with other women (and only women).

    Magical Eating is both your program AND mine. It's mine to teach you, but yours to ultimately develop on your own, and that is why this program works so well. I'm not telling you HOW to nourish and satisfy your body, I'm just telling you how to rediscover the skills that you need in order to determine how your body needs to be nourished and satisfied.

    The results are beautiful. Incredible. Outstanding. Magical.

    Join us!


    Simple (and Very Effective) Meal Plan AND Grocery List


    You're busy. 

    I know.

    I hear these words from my clients (and say them myself) like eleventeen thousand times per week. We're all busy, and we all feel like we can't add even ONE MORE task on our list.

    This is a universal sentiment, and people who have zero children and minimal responsibilities say this just as often as those who have multiple children and a million responsibilities. It seems that "free" time is really difficult to come by, because we tend to fill it pretty quickly with the things that we feel have to be done. 

    I think the only difference between people with no kids and people with kids is that the people with no kids tend to do things like laundry. They clean mirrors. They retrieve the grape that fell under the fridge. 

    Am I right?

    Moving on...

    Something that almost immediately falls out the window when we are "busy" with our kids and responsibilities is eating. As in...eating something other than fast food, take out, or opening a package and heating it up in the microwave.

    I'm not throwing shade here--we do what we have to do in order to feed our children (and ourselves)!

    But meal planning and grocery shopping takes TIME! And since I just told you that nobody has TIME, of course we can't meal plan and grocery shop. There's just no TIME. What if I told you that you do have time?

    I am the mom of 3 small children (6 years, 4 years, 11 months), and I have meal planned for most of the past 520 weeks. That's ten YEARS.

    Yes, meal planning was a much easier task when it was just my husband and myself to feed. Grocery shopping was relaxing back then. It's more difficult to fit the task into my week now, but I know that it's worth it because of the proven benefits.

    For Women: 

    1. Women who meal plan at least occasionally eat a higher overall variety of foods.

    2. Women who meal plan have lower odds of being overweight and obese (Ducrot et al., 2017).

    3. Women who plan meals or prepare dishes ahead of time are twice as likely to eat more servings of vegetables (Fruh et al., 2013).

    For Families and Children:

    1. One of the largest perceived barriers to eating meals together as a family was the ability to meal plan.

    2. Family meals result in greater consumption of healthy foods in children, adolescents, and adults.

    3. Adolescents and children who consume fewer family meals consume more unhealthy food overall.

    4. School-aged children and adolescents who consume more family meals have greater intakes of typically under-consumed nutrients.

    5. Increased family meal frequency may decrease risk of overweight or obesity in children and adolescents.

    6. Frequent family meals also may protect against eating disorders and negative health behaviors in adolescents and young adults.

    7. Psychosocial benefits include improved perceptions of family relationships.

    Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 10.26.03 AM.png

    So the question is: why WOULDN'T you make some time to meal plan?


    OK, I know. Me neither, but I've developed a pretty quick and EASY way to do it, and you can have my tool for free.

    I've tried various methods of meal planning over the years, and what I've realized since having children is that it MUST be simple, easy, quick, and effective. The end.

    I don't need 4 different lists of things to keep track of, or a schedule of what to cook when and how. I just need to know two things: 1) What are we eating each day of this week? and 2) What do I need to buy in order to accomplish the task of making the meal?

    There are detailS that I need to be aware of, like who has martial arts, what assignments I have due for school, work deadlines, what my husband's schedule is for the evenings during the week, who has to schlep which child to what activity, etc...but at the core, I only need to know what we're eating, and what ingredients I'm missing.

    For the most part, my meals take no more than 30 minutes to prepare, they're kid friendly, and they have to be on the table within an hour of starting the prep. Ain't nobody got time for gourmet meals right now, ya hear me?

    The first thing I do is go to Pinterest and start looking for recipes. I mainly only plan dinner recipes, because everything else falls into place pretty easily for breakfast and lunch, so that's all I focus on with meal planning. If you want some inspiration, you can use my "Recipes For Dinner" Pinterest board to get you there. That board has recipes for conventional, vegetarian, vegan, Whole 30, Paleo, and every other type of eating pattern on it, since I don't discriminate.

    I also have around 50 FULL MENUS that I completely planned out and posted right here on my Pinterest Page. Those boards include a pdf of the weekly menu as well as a link to each one of the recipes, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

    After I've rounded up all of the dinner recipes that I want to use, I just fill them into each day of the week on the left side of my handy Meal Plan and Grocery List.

    Click here to download the fillable PDF for free from Google drive!

    Click here to download the fillable PDF for free from Google drive!


    After that, I write down the ingredients that I am missing from each recipe on the right side of the Meal Plan and Grocery List. I also add anything "extra" that I'm missing (items for breakfast and snacks, for instance). This meal plan and grocery list is MY meal plan and grocery list. It's one of my favorite tools that I've developed, and I literally use it every single week.

    Using this list, as well as my efficient recipe saving and searching skills on Pinterest, I can have my meal planning done in an hour or less each week. It normally only takes me about 20 minutes these days, because I have an entire arsenal of recipes on Pinterest that I have tested and given my 'seal of approval'. 

    Starting is the most difficult part, but once you get the momentum, it becomes just part of your normal life, and you stop worrying about whether you have "time"...you just do the thing that makes your life easier in the long run. 

    Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

    I am Elisabeth Smith, am empath and practitioner or Integrative Wellness and Health. My clients are women who are ready to do the emotional and physical work that it takes to make long-term changes to their lifestyle so that they can start to enjoy their lives to the fullest! Women who are ready to put down their calorie counter, get rid of their scale, and get down to the real business of wellness: personal growth. I'm part motivator, part supporter, part mentor and teacher, with a sprinkle of "woo" thrown in there for good measure. My life purpose is to help women align with their most concentrically-well self, from the inside out.

    If you want to talk about working with me on a 1:1 basis, let’s jump on a free call to Plan your Magical Journey! Or if you just want to see what I'm up to, come join my VIP Ladies-Only Facebook Group, Magical Eating Mamas, where I share all types of information on mindful/intuitive eating, Health At Every Size, and I promote all things non-diet and pro-positivity!



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