Journal Your Way To Inner Peace!

There are two scenarios in which I journal:

  1. Each morning to begin my day.
  2. When a stressful situation arises that is keeping me from being present.

Each morning, I follow this process when I journal:

  1. Write how I'm feeling (if you need some help with identifying the correct emotions to describe the way you feel, you can access an awesome collection of emotions here).
  2. Acknowledge the feelings that I feel, and then redirect my thoughts towards the positive aspects of my current life.
  3. Write some affirmations to include the things that I want to achieve, what I currently know to be true, or what I want to know.
  4. Write a visualization of an actual experience (or a small snippet) that happens in my ideal life, including the feelings that I feel in that instance.

For example

I'm in the process of manifesting several things in my life, but one that I recently mentioned in a Facebook post was that I'd like to have a new patio built around our backyard pool. We have an existing deck that is accessible from our master bedroom, and rather than having our current outdoor dining table on that deck, I'd like to move it down to the new patio by our pool.

When I've been journaling lately in the morning, I've focused often on this experience. Here's what a typical morning journal may look like:

Today I'm feeling a little tired since I've been working so much on building my business programs and offerings. I've also started to work out every day, in order to keep my body healthy, so my muscles are tired as well! I feel very excited about the future, despite the many hours that I'm putting into my work.

  1. Of course I feel tired, since my energy has been so focused on building my business. This has led to lots of late nights, early mornings, and has been a bit chaotic as I've tried to figure out the best way to make healthy movement a priority in my life each day. Naturally, I'm going to be tired as a result of all of the changes! However--I am so excited for the future and grateful for all of the abundance around me. Not only am I manifesting a successful coaching business for women, but I'm also manifesting a calm and peaceful space within my home. My children are beautiful, healthy, and rambunctious! My business is growing by leaps and bounds, and I am helping hundreds of women every day! I am so so grateful for this ability, and I know that the hard work that I put in is worth all of the effort.
  2. "I am doing exactly what I was meant to do." ; "I have the energy to pursue my dreams."; "I was made for this life."; "The efforts I put in now will reap great rewards in the future."; "My action is changing the world."
  3. My husband and I have just poured a glass of red wine, and we're sitting on our beautiful deck, enjoying the nighttime view of our backyard. We're sitting on our new comfy outdoor sofa, with the twinkling solar lights all around us, and the gas fireplace in front of us is gently flickering. I look out at our crystal clear pool, and walk down from the deck to our beautiful new stone patio...then dip my toe into the pool to test the temperature. I walk back up onto the deck to sit beside my husband, and I tell him "I am so grateful for this life."


If I'm feeling anxiety and need to bring myself  back to the present I use this technique:

  1. Identify the feeling that is driving my current anxiety (use the list of emotions as previously linked if you need to).
  2. Acknowledge the reason(s) or scenario(s) that has caused you to feel that way.
  3. What is the truth?
  4. Replace the current feeling with the feeling that you'd like to feel instead (use the chart again--it's so helpful)).

For example:

  1. I am feeling very overwhelmed and anxious about my current schedule.
  2. It is completely understandable that I am feeling overwhelmed and anxious, because in addition to working a 9-5 job, I also have a thriving business, three small children, and I attend grad school. This is a very hectic and non-stop schedule for anyone to have.
  3. The truth is that this period of my life is only temporary! I will only physically have this schedule for a short amount of time (less than one more year). The truth is that I can manage this lifestyle for a short period of time, especially since the payoff will be so amazing in the end! I am truly living in a state of abundance, and I am very grateful for all of the opportunities that I am experiencing in my life. Truly, my children are beautiful, and I strive to be present in their lives whenever possible.
  4. I feel determined to achieve my goals, motivated to lead a great life, inspired by all of the beautiful women that I'm working with, eager to build my business, and excited for the future!

Both of these techniques are so incredibly helpful! As you can see, journaling doesn't have to conjure up images of teenage diaries that are kept under lock and key! We can actually use our existing thoughts and feelings to do a type of reprogramming to how we process and cope with this information.

Even if you feel skeptical about this process, give it a try a couple of times--I am about 99% confident that you're going to start noticing changes that occur as a result!


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