Fun Food Friday!

As new feature on JoggersLife, every Friday I will search the bowels of the weboverse to introduce you to some fun new, healthy & delicious food.  Although I love to share with and give to you, I must admit that the decision to add this feature is mostly selfish.  I love to shop for healthy food online.  I love discovering new foodie jems. So, since I am an obsessive-online-food-browsing-a-holic, you shall reap the rewards.

Without further ado, let today's food fun-ness begin!


Although not guaranteed to be all fun and new, I had to share a bargain with you first. has some great clearance deals on Love Force - Organic Raw Lemon Goji Snack Bars & Love Force Organic Raw Bread, 505 Southwestern - Organic Hot Green Chile Sauces, among tons of other items.  Their sale items don't look too shabby either!

You can also save 10% on your first order by using coupon code: GRGDS


Oh man.  This is a new one for me.  UliMana makes handmade, vegan, raw chocolate truffles, brownies, spreads, hot chocolate mixes, and superfood treats!  So, there's nothing frugal about it...but I just had to share that little piece of loveliness with you.


Flowers By the Sea is one of the most ingenious ideas I've seen in a while.  You can pre-order seasonal vegetables, plants, and the like from their USDA Certified Organic farm, and they will ship them when they are picked.  For real?  This stuff is fresh people.  I threw a few cucumbers and some lettuce in my cart  just for kicks, and the shipping wasn't even unreasonable.  For 5 bunches of Cocarde lettuce and 18 jumbo Shintokiwa cucumbers (3-6 packs), the cart total after shipping was $44.27.  Their minimum shippable order is $25.

It would seem that for around $150-$200, you could purchase the majority (if not all) of your produce for the season.  This is huge, especially since organic produce is so expensive in the grocery store.  Not to mention, you would receive it direct from the farm.  Hello fresh veggies!  I'm going to find a way to work this one into the budget.


Another bargain alert, this time from Organic Fruits and Nuts.


This one is fun.  The Alaska Wild Salmon Company ("Reel Salmon from Real People") will catch real live fish, and send them directly to you.  It doesn't get much fresher than that.  Well...unless you have a future salmon-catching trip planned, of course.  All of their prices include shipping, and that is a-ok in my book.  They also sell smoked salmon, and salmon pet treats.  How cute.


Have fun looking at all of these goodies!

p.s...Do you like this idea?



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