Facelift & Changes

A virtual nip & tuck.

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The 'I Still Can't Move My Arms' Workout & A Surprise!

Oh, the pain! I still can't bend my arms...all because of this workout.

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Fun Food & FITNESS Friday + A GIVEAWAY!

Since I feel it is my worldly duty to spread the love which is healthy eating and a balanced lifestyle, I have decided that FUN FOOD Friday will become FUN FOOD & FITNESS Friday. Because really, where is FOOD without FUN & FITNESS? And FITNESS would be lonely without FOOD AND FUN. And FUN just isn't FUN without FOOD and FITNESS. Ok, that's enough.

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Product Review & Hawt Boy Pix: TRX Suspension Trainer

My Gazelle loves the TRX Suspension Trainer. This past Saturday, we were being held hostage in our development due to a street festival, foiling all previous plans of us making it to the gym. What is any logical person to do? Well, take their TRX outside, wander around the neighborhood, find a huge telephone pole, attach the TRX, and proceed to get a suuuurious workout. If our neighbors didn't think we were strange before, they definitely do now.

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