Earth Day Goodness + Nubius Organics Coupon Code

I LOVE reusable things. I just recently started to become more aware and proactive about being green and finding reusable alternatives. I know...shame, shame...considering I waited 32 years to begin and all. My boss has been calling me a "granola-eating tree hugger", but I'm sort of honored to be called that. After all, I do love granola. And I certainly love trees. Have I ever told you that my fatha is a lumberjack?


My Fatha has owned his own logging business for pretty much my entire life. My sista and I went to work with the Fatha from time to time, and he would often leave us in the cab of the pickup to watch the action from a safe distance; armed with only Freshen-Up gum ("the gum that goes squirt"), and this book (or something very similar). By the time I was 10 years old, I could identify all of New York's indigenous trees by their leaves and/or bark. I'm not kidding. I've retained some of this info, but it's kind of like riding a bike. If you don't keep your tree-speak current, you lose it all.

It's sad, really.

I regress.

Since I have a history of tree-love, I have made a conscious effort lately to become more green. If everyone did their part, even if it's only a tiny little part, the environment would be a much greener and lovelier place to live.

In my search to go green, I came across Nubius Organics. Their website is chock full of green-friendly products, and I found some really helpful products at reasonable prices in order to further my mission to be more green.

One of the products I purchased was the EcoUsable 25oz. Filtered Water Bottle. You can click on the link to see all of the details about the EcoUsable bottle, but the basic gist of it is this: insert water (tap, lake, stream, river), and as you sip the water, it is filtered to remove 99.99% of pollutants & all of the goofy aftertaste.

To me, this meant that not only could I stop wasting plastic water bottles, but I could also refill my water bottle anywhere. That seemed like such a treat! Not to mention, in light of my recent aversion to all things plastic, it was becoming a challenge to meet my daily hydration requirements, since I didn't like the idea of drinking from plastic bottles. .oOWho knows if that bottle is properly stored (in a cool place) before it reaches my mouth?

Paranoia? Maybe. But I'm not taking any chances with these things.

When I originally received my EcoUsable bottle, it had a sport top attached, similar to the pop-top jobby that comes on some water bottles now. This differed from the top pictured on the Nubius Organics website, but I thought it was a new-fangled, "better" top for the bottle. I soaked and rinsed the filter for about 15 minutes in total, then filled the bottle and put the top on. I fought with the new-fangled top a little to get the water out, but finally got my first gulp.


It tasted like I was sucking on charcoal.

Like I was licking the carbon shrapnel from the reservoir of a Brita pitcher.

It was HORRIBLE. I was sad. I really wanted to love this bottle.

I immediately sent an email to Nubius Organics to inquire about the difference between the bottle top on the website versus the one that I actually received. Hoping that the top which is shown on their website would be void of that "fresh-licked-carbon" taste. Elizabeth promptly emailed me back to let me know that they had just received brand new tops for the bottles from the EcoUsable people, and my order must have been shipped out right before the new tops were received. Oh happy day! She sent me out the new top the very next day.

I have been using the EcoUsable Bottle and new-new-fangled top for the past week, and I LOVE IT. There is no offensive aftertaste, and the top is very easy to use. It works just like a straw, so even children could use this bottle, and with no worry about spilling water everywhere. I cannot say enough great things about this product.

In light of my love for EcoUsable Bottles, I've decided to purchase them for my family members for Christmas.

I think you should too. If you purchase from

This post was inspired by Run to the Finish, who is giving away a Baggu bag in honor of Earth Day!


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