The Magical Eating Manifesto and a Reintroduction to Me!

Hi Everyone! Since so many new people are coming to check me out lately, I wanted to take a moment today to reintroduce myself!
Hiyaaaa, and WELCOME!! I’m Elisabeth (or Beth, or Bethie, depending upon the audience)! 


^^^ that is my serious face...but it's more likely that I look like this when you see me...

Eyes closed, full on snort-laughing.

I grew up in beautiful Central New York, where the air is clean and the population is low. When I was a wee 21-year-old, I moved to Maryland, where I still live in the ‘burbs between Baltimore and DC. Since 2007, I have been a mentor and coach to women who are on a journey to heal from disordered Eating. 

I made this decision at the suggestion of my own mentor, after having been treated for bulimia/EDNOS from January 2006-July 2007. I found it extremely rewarding to be able to help other women to heal from their disordered eating behaviors. Also, I experienced great personal growth when I put myself into the role of being a mentor to others.

Despite the fact that I was obsessed with health and nutrition (to my detriment) for a good portion of my life, it was impossible to deny that I truly loved health and nutrition! I retained a ton of the information that I had studied over the years on my own, and I knew that this obsession and ultimately my years of disordered eating had a greater purpose. It became my dream to be able to share this love for nutrition and health, along with providing the skills for other women to heal from disordered eating.

I was an accountant for my entire adult life, but in 2016 I decided to get my masters degree in Integrative Health and Nutrition, and to become a Certified Holistic Nutrition Specialist in Maryland.

In September 2017, after the birth of my third baby, I became deeply committed to expanding myself and my life to the next level.

He's pretty great. <3

He's pretty great. <3

I hired a spiritual mentor and business coach, and in addition to sharpening my skills in business marketing, I also started to dive deeply into all of the Woo-stuff that makes so many people uncomfortable. It even made ME uncomfortable, at first, TBH. Then I realized that all of these "new" things that I had brought into my life were objects and processes that my ancestors had used for centuries before me.

I started practicing meditation, learned about healing the blocked energy centers in my body, started communicating with myself and my spirit guides on a divinely magical level, started reading tarot cards again (as I had done briefly as a teenager), fell in love with Oracle cards, began using crystals in my life, and ramped up on the essential oils that I had been using for years. I knew that this...the MAGIC...was the piece of myself that I needed to become more in touch with, and this was the piece that I needed to be able to teach to other women. 

And something amazing happened. I began healing myself on a deep, meaningful level—all the while, learning more about myself, my anxiety, my past decisions, and exploring lots of things that I had ignored for many years. I had already been through a period of massive healing back in 2006-2008, but this time it was different. I had opened up to the possibility that in addition to the standard "textbook" ways of healing that I had relied upon in the past (which had helped me out immensely), there was another deeper level of healing that I could achieve.

The truth arose that if I allowed the Magic to take over to a higher degree, and  if I trusted myself a little more, then I could achieve my dream of helping other women realize their own potential for Magic and joy. I could teach other women how to allow magic into their own lives, and in this way, allow themselves to become more in tune with their bodies, and allow the magic to flow into their relationship to food.

This was such a valuable lesson to learn, and although I have been coaching and mentoring women since 2007, the actions that I’ve taken over the past two years have not only made me SUCH a better mentor and coach, but they have literally changed my life.

And so, I opened myself up to new possibilities, and 'Magical Eating' was born!


I challenge you today to own ALL of the parts of yourself that make you shine, and don't be afraid to wave your magic wand when you need to.