Are you eating magically?

Everyone loves a quiz, am I right??!!

Of course I love a mindless (UN-magical?) quiz about which famous movie star I was in a past lifetime, but I am a nerd, so I tend to LOVE the quizzes that are based on scientific research and facts! The quizzes that actually help me on my journey towards personal growth are my favorite.

Most of the ladies who find me have been on a quest to lose weight for a long time, and they want to know WHY they can't seem to keep weight off or be happy with their bodies. They want **SOMETHING** to help, but they don't understand why I could help them, when nothing else has ever helped.

Honestly, the skills that you need to coexist in a loving, carefree relationship with food and your body were there when you were born. You just forgot how to use them (due to various social and personal factors), and I just know how to teach you to tap into them again.

And these skills...the magical ones?

They're based on science.

There...I said it!

I didn't make up the whole idea. It's not some new-fangled, new-age thing. It's just science, research, and personal growth.

So, I developed a quiz...because as previously mentioned...everyone loves a quiz!

MY quiz is research-backed, and although I've given it a fun spin in which it will assign you with a cute mythological creature at the end, this is the ACTUAL questionnaire that I use with every single one of my clients. Although you won't see this unless you ask for the free detail, this quiz can tell you which areas of Magical eating are challenging for you, and that's where I come in.

When I can pinpoint the skills that will help you to begin eating magically, I can personalize your experience so that you can strengthen those specific aspects. This quiz, when scored fully by me, can tell me how to help you with that.

I'm offering FREE full analysis of EVERYONE'S quiz results right now--after you take the quiz, you just have to chat me to ask (after you receive your results, click the "Chat Now" button right here on the website, and let me know that you'd like a full analysis)! When things get crazy (since I know that this thing is going to blow up like a "Which Full House Character Are You" quiz on Buzzfeed), the full analysis will be a paid feature. So if you're curious, now is the time to get some insight from me in a quick, easy, and FREE way!

And, if you just want to take the quiz for fun, that's cool too! You are not obligated to leave me ANY personal info for just taking the quiz, because it's none of my biz unless you want to make it my biz!!

Love you guys!!

You can also head over to Facebook and join my closed group, Magical Eating with Elisabeth Smith. We'd love to have you!

Take the quiz here!