30 Days of Dedicated Voxer Support

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Voxer Access 30 days (1).png

30 Days of Dedicated Voxer Support


OK, so you believe it in your brain. You believe now that you don’t have to be “on a diet” to keep you from getting “fat”, to lose weight, or to remain weight stable.

The problem is, when you’re at the grocery store, walking past thousands of desserts, snacks , and regular old foods that scare the $h!t out of you, you need support!

I got you. I get you, and I got you.

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You need support like RIGHTNOW! You need a way to contact your kind, gentle (yet assertive!) Magical Guide. In fact, what would be perfect is if you had your own personal “walkie-talkie” to get in touch with that Magical Guide of yours!

Guess what?

You do! There’s a free app for your phone, and it’s called Voxer, and it allows you to press a “talk” button (just like the walkie talkies that you had as a kid), and I’ll immediately hear it if I’m using the Voxer app, or I can play it back when I’m ready to listen.

This is an AMAZING benefit to working with me, and this benefit in itself for 30 days is worth well over $500. Normally, this access to me only comes along with my 1:1 coaching packages, and requires at least a 3-month commitment!

I’m now offering this service WITHOUT purchasing a coaching package (for a small group of individuals). I’m also offering this service at a special price until the end of October. If you’ve been wanting to work with me, but not sure if this is the plan for you, try this option for 30 days—there’s no commitment after that, and if you love it, you can even renew for another 30 days!

Can’t wait to work with you!